What is Lingam Massage Therapy

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What is Lingam Massage – Tantric Lingam Massage

You maybe want to know what is lingam massage therapy, it is a tantric massage. The origins of Tantra are quite ancient, over five or six thousands years, in India. Classic Hindu scripture Shiva Purana describes the origin of the lingam, known as Shiva-linga.

Lingam लिंगम् in sanskrit, also known as liṅgaṃ, linga or shiva linga, is a representation of the Hindu deity Shiva. This further proves how effective can tantric massage to be. Thousands of years improving this thearpy to become an amazing way to drive male sexuality.

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Lingam massage therapy – Sexual disorders treatment

Tantra is a full method, meditation, yoga, pranayamas, sexual yoga, massage, ayurvedic medicine… Well is very complete, so what is lingam massage therapy? Lingam massage is based on the control of sexual energy and man genitals massage. This therapy is a powerful treatment for premature ejaculation, impotence and other sexual disorders.

It must be performed by a professional tantric male masseur or female masseuse. The therapist should have an specific training in Tantra for men and an extensive experience in tantric therapy. Lingam massage is very intime and personal. We recommend to have this kind of massage in a specialized Tantra massage agency to avoid bad and traumathic experiences.

Feel free to ask any question about lingam massage, Tantra and Tantra for men. We will be pleased to answer and share all the knowledge our experts have. The magic of Tantra is beauty and powerful, it will surprise you.